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Decentralized Science Workgroup

The Decentralized Science Workgroup meets on the last Wednesday of every month at 12n E/9a P. For more information on this working group, please email


The scientific publishing industry (peer-reviewed publishing) is a $28 billion a year industry. The scientific authors don’t get paid, the reviewers don’t get paid, only the publishers. The DeSci working group would develop a digital asset financial incentive model that targets California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) grants for scientific authors and reviewers. The workgroup would initially support research and development of treatments for diseases and conditions of the brain and central nervous system but would be extensible to other research areas. If you are interested in joining the DeSci Working Group Steering Committee, visit

Workgroup Charter

Leverage digital ledger technology and decentralized networks to revolutionize scientific research and collaboration.

What will we deliver?

The workgroup will deliver a collaborative Web 3/Industry 4.0 network to connect global research institutions as separate nodes and contributing labs.

Why is this workgroup important?

This working group can help reduce costs and friction experienced by early clinical researchers while they secure funding and attract new investors.

What will we demonstrate?

We will demonstrate and document the values of using Web 3 and Industry 4.0 technologies in a collaborative global ecosystem of scientists, research institutions, patient advocacy groups, and patients.

When do we meet?

The Decentralized Science Working Group meets the last Wednesday of every month at 12n E/9a PST. For more information on this working group, please email

How do I join this workgroup?

Send $NDT 2,500 to DAG8qZf6gqkYfhn7PQQYjdM7h1yS9mWrV91X4uC9